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Web Design Services

Just how can a Professionally Designed Web Site help your Business?

• You can not create the dynamic effects of a web site with traditional print material.
• Print material can not take orders 24/7.
• You can now market to the entire world instead of your localized area.
• Minimal cost in changing content as opposed to reprinting a brochure.
• If you don't have a Web site, your losing business.

If you already have promotional material such as a company brochure, that will help us in getting your site up and running quickly. We can use the material you have as guidepost to creating a site that will flow and compliment your current marketing materials.


If you do not have any material, we can start from scratch and help you create an online identity that can give your company an international image and level the playing field between you and your competitors who are already using the web.

It seems that everyone knows someone who can design a web site. We'd be dishonest if we didn't acknowledge that anyone who is fairly computer-literate can write some text and paste some clip art onto a page and call it a web site. But the problem with that approach is just how professional will that site look and will it perform in the search engines?


By using a professional web site design company, you can avoid having a site that has poor marketing or presentation appeal and can reflect badly upon your business. All our sites are designed to be accessible by spiders used by all the major search engines so that with the proper optimization, your site can be found for its given niche.


A good portion of our business comes from referrals from customers who love the site we designed for them and they are more than happy to pass our name on to an associate or acquaintance who is in the market for a Custom Designed Web site but not at outrageous prices.




When Wordpress first started out in 2003, it was strictly a blogging platform. Over the years as the web development community has embraced it's use and taken it to new levels bringing it to the current feature rich web site tool that it is. WordPress is a free and open-source content management system (CMS) using PHP and MySQL. It is feature rich and includes a plug-in architecture and a template system that allows for total customization of a sites look and feel.


As of January 2015, WordPress was used by more than 23.3% of the top 10 million websites on the Internet and is the most popular blogging system in use today with more than 60 million websites.


People Magazine, Motley Crue, Rush, Mercedes Benz just to name a few all use Wordpress.



If you're going to be selling products on line, the most effective method of doing this is to use a shopping cart with a payment processor and gateway to process the Credit Card orders.


Developing a shopping cart from scratch can be a costly project. While we will do that for a client if they must have it, we recommend using an open source solution such as Wordpress. With Wordpress, you can incorporate the popular WooCommerce shopping cart plug-in and create an outstanding shopping experience. You can customize the shopping cart to blend seamlessly with your Wordpress site and you can maintain it all on your own without the help or cost of a developer.


We have customized many different versions of Wordpress shopping carts for numerous clients and can do the same for you.


Responsive / Mobile Web Sites

With smartphone usage increasing every everyday, more people are using their phones to surf the web and look at sites. A regular web site is not designed to look good in a small screen and many times the sites are very hard to see. You can however present your visitors that arrive on your site via cell phone, with a mobile phone version of the site or a responsive version that looks good and gets your message across.


For a separate mobile version, we design a version of the site using your current site colors and design the mobile layout to look good in a small cell phone screen. This is typically for sites we did not originally design and they need a mobile version to make it appealing on a mobile device.


For sites we design, we use a responsive design so that the site will display well no matter what type of device the site is being viewed on.


As cell phone usage increases, this is an important detail you need to think about since you want to try and capture every bit of traffic to your site and get them to take action and buy your product or service. No better way of doing that than providing them an easy to read and easy to navigate web site no matter what they are viewing it on.

Iphone App Development

Most people don't know that there are actually two kinds of Iphone apps. The first is the standard app that you submit to Apple for approval, then they list it in their store and you can either sell it or give it away. These apps must first be approved by Apple and there is no guarantee that it will get approved. If it's a good app and is not some silly app that has absolutely no value, it should get approved. They have really cracked down on submissions and won't accept a lot of the novelty joke apps any more.


The second type of app is called a Web App. Instead of submitting it to the Apple for approval, you can place the app on your own website and either sell or give it away. These types of app are great for giving to your customers and having them do something useful so they remember you the next time they need your service.


There is a huge price difference between the two with Web apps being the least expensive to make. This is because the programming that goes into making web apps is not as time consuming and does not use the same programming language as the standard apps.


Standard apps can cost well over $50,000 for a very complex app that requires hundreds of hours of programming time as opposed to a web app which can be done for as little as $1500.00 and take a few weeks at most.


The cost of the app whether standard or web is determined by the scope of the app so give us a call and we'll see if we can help you develop your next Iphone app.

Graphic Design

Need a CD or DVD disc designed, case art or even flyers or brochures? At IWS, we are a one stop design house and can design the art for your next printed project. We have years of experience using programs like In-Design and Illustrator which allow us to produce top quality camera print ready art work for you to use with a regular printer or even the numerous online budget print sites.

Contractor Services
IWS provides programming contractor services for other design companies that need help with their work load. We will interact with your customers on your behalf if needed and as far as your customer knows, we are part of your organization. Projects are quoted on an hourly basis as well as on a specific project. Total confidentiality is maintained as to your arrangement with IWS.


Miscellaneous Services

Here is a list of other services that we also perform:

• PHP Database Programming
• PHP Custom Scripting
• Wordpress Blog Install & Customization
• CGI Programming and Installation

• Local SEO

• Consulting
• Ecommerce Web Sites
• Ability to securely accept credit cards over the Internet
• JavaScripting
• Adobe Animate (Formally known as Flash) Programming
• Server CO-location and administration
• Custom buttons, photos etc.
• Webmaster and site maintenance duties
• Digital Photography
• Video editing and Encoding
• Multimedia Presentations


custom wordpress web design responsive web sites custom wordpress web design responsive web sites

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