“I visited with Richard for stress related problems and feel that he definitely gave me the help I was seeking. Other members of my family have also experienced a positive reaction to their visits with him. We have recommended him to numerous friends.”
Patricia Larch Phoenix, AZ

“I lost 50 pounds and stopped smoking after 23 years. I gained a more positive attitude toward exercise and have maintained the weight loss for over 3 years and run distances never thought possible before my work with Richard. Dealing with the stress of work was monumental in my overall attitude change.”
Jerry Mider Los Angeles, CA

“I find it difficult not to be impressed and enthusiastic about an approach that allows the patient an alternative to the heavy medication that was the only choice for relief of pain in the past.”
Anthony K. Oexman, D.D.S. Phoenix, AZ

“After 25 years of no hope for a cure of extremely violent headaches, I can now prevent 90% of them with no prescriptive medication, nor injections. My general attitude and my sleep pattern have greatly improved. Dr. Bush has certainly helped me to control my mind, so it can reopen to the world of interests.”
Jean M. Fatina Phoenix, AZ

“With an ability to receive immediate attention to issues that I was dealing with relative to my professional life and how it was affecting my personal life, I was able to make an immediate decision regarding a business offer which has changed my financial situation and improved my personal one.”
Thomas Anderson El Paso, TX

“I would highly recommend Dr. Bush's on line approach to anyone. He has been there to help me several times, when the stress of my job and dealings with subordinates was causing me excessive stress and concern.” Craig Windowmacher North Platte, NB




















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