Dr. Bush is a graduate of Columbia Pacific University, with a Doctorate Degree in Psychology, and an emphasis in Health and Human Services. His Master of Arts Degree is from Northern Arizona University, in Counseling: Human Relations and Behavior. He has maintained a private practice in Phoenix, Arizona for the past twenty years, offering self-improvement guidance, counseling and hypnotherapy.

Dr. Bush conducts seminars and lectures on the powers of the subconscious, speaks to groups, and works with doctors and their patients who wish to utilize the process of positive change in a variety of ways. He is a well-l qualified and skilled technician in helping anyone to unlock the doors of the subconscious mind and tap into their power to change.

With over twenty years of counseling experience, Dr. Bush has had the privilege of working with thousands of individuals who have wanted to make positive changes in their lives. He has helped them to facilitate these changes utilizing various formats, as well as with the use and application of hypnosis techniques.

Talking and sharing is the key to his success. If patients allow themselves to be open and honest with the questions they present, then the process can work effectively. Though this process is slightly different from in-office counseling, the process of change can occur quickly. All information is held in the strictest confidence.


Dr. Bush answering questions via his laptop from his office.

Many times he is able to respond immediately, and at other times, the response is made within 24 hours. All is dependent upon his private practice case load and his availability to the on-line patients.






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