What does the counseling process entail and how does it work? Simply contact Dr. Bush using the form provided, and within 24 hours of receiving confirmation of payment, he will respond with an answer to the question or concern you have presented.


Dr. Bush is available for on line counseling sessions throughout the working day between patients and many times into the evenings to answer your questions and concerns. The process is much like the one you would experience if you were to see him in person, with some minor exceptions.

Prior to the question being presented, you must enter the secured payment section and completely fill out the form and credit card information. Once it has been completed, you can present your questions or questions via regular e-mail submittal and await your response. If for some reason your payment does not process, you will receive a message stating such.


One question presented with two responses. (After the processing of your payment there will be two exchanges of information relative to the question presented.)

Two questions presented with two responses per question. (After the processing of your payment, there will be two exchanges of information per question relative to the two questions presented.) $35.00

In addition to these two basic structures, individual counseling sessions can be scheduled with Dr. Bush using an on-line chat room or by the instant message process on America Online. The fee structure for this process would start at $45.00 for a fifteen minute session. This can all be accomplished by contacting Dr. Bush at his e-mail address, at which time an e-mail exchange will be required to set a meeting time or for Dr. Bush to call you directly.




Gain confidence in your ability to succeed at whatever you choose to do in your work or play. You have the ability to succeed at life.















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