Cylinder Head Department
After Cleaning, cylinder heads are magnafluxed (to detect any crack or flaws), all bolt holes are chased with a tap (to assure the threads are good), rocker studs are checked for wear (and replaced if needed) and gasket areas receive additional cleaning. (Note: all cylinder heads are resurfaced at a later time.) Since we use oversize valves where available, all guides are reamed to .015 oversize. Any guide holes that do not clean up receive a new guide. Any application that oversize valves are not available receive all new guides (we do not use any guide liners).
After the guide work is complete, the seats are 3-angle cut and a vacuum test performed to assure that the valve and seat are correct.
Heads are then re-surfaced to assure it has a good surface for gasket sealing.
All heads then receive a final quality check to be sure all holes have been chased, the studs are good, all seats and guides are correct, and the surface is good. Heads then receive a final cleaning, and are painted.
Final assembly is with all 'new' valves, 'new' valve springs, 'new' seals and keepers (valve locks). After assembly, the heads are vacuum checked to assure the valves & seats have no leaks. Heads are then sent to the engine assembly area, or stored on the shelf until needed for production or a sale.

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