Crankshaft Department
After cleaning, the crankshafts are straightened to within .0015 run-out end to end. The nose is checked for run-out and straightened if needed. All threaded bolt holes are chased. Cranks also receive the Magnaglow inspection at this station.
All crankshafts are precision ground to .010, .020 or .030 undersize. We do a spark-out grind which helps assure a better finish on the crank journals.

All crankshafts receive a two step polish to achieve a smooth mirror-like finish for longer bearing life. All oil holes are chamfered.
At the final cleaning station all crankshafts have the oil holes brushed out and all threaded holes, pilot holes and balance holes are brushed cleaned with soap and water.
Final inspection by quality control checks for straightness of crank, size of journals, thrust clearance and run-out on the nose, and brushes oil holes again. Checks are also made to assure the part number and sizes on the crank are correct.
After receiving a rust preventative coating, the crankshafts are sent either to production, storage or to be packaged as a kit.

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