The Block Department
When blocks enter the shop they are magnafluxed (to detect any cracks or flaws). All threaded bolt holes are chased with a tap (to assure the threads are good) and all gasket surfaces receive additional cleaning. The blocks are bored to the next smallest oversize the block will clean up at (or have parts available from the manufacturer) .020 - .030 - .040 - .060
After boring, all blocks are decked to assure the surface is flat and has a good surface for the head gasket to seal on. Then each cylinder is precision honed. We use Sunnen CK-10 & CV-16 Honing Machines set up with Diamond Hones which assure a perfect cross-hatch, the desired surface finish, and exact cylinder size.
At this point all blocks are checked for crank saddle alignment. Any blocks requiring align honing are honed at this time, then each block is jet cleaned.
After jet washing, each block receives a final inspection (check bolt holes, cylinders, check for overall condition of the block). After final inspection the block receives a final cleaning with soap and water, and the cylinders and oil lines are brushed with soap and water to assure they are totally clean. The blocks are painted and proceed to the assembly room.

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