Engine Assembly
After all machining, final inspection, and a final cleaning, the block enters the assembly room. This room is also referred to as the "Clean Room". The reason for this is that the room is totally separated from the shop by walls from floor to ceiling. All the internal engine parts for each block are gathered and taken to the clean room. First, the freeze plugs, oil line plugs, camshaft bearings, and camshaft are installed. We also install a heat tab (designed to melt at 260 degrees). Then the main bearings and crankshaft are installed and checked to assure proper clearance. We assemble with a special lubricant called First Lube. The timing components are then installed. The rings are installed on the piston and the piston and rod are assembled into the block.
If the unit will remain a short block, the short block is then tested to assure it meets specifications. At this time we check piston to deck height, oil pressure and oil flow, load demand and timing components to be sure everything is correct. For long block assemblies, the short block is assembled with heads and valve train parts. We use only 'new' push rods, 'new' lifters, and 'new' rocker arms (or a remanufactured rocker assembly).
After assembly of the long block the unit is tested. We check oil pressure, oil flow, load demand, and the timing components. In addition, the valves are adjusted cold (valves should be adjusted again after the engine has been installed and reaches operating temperature), and compression is checked. Test information is recorded for future reference.
Our test stands (made by Sim - Test) heat the oil and have special filtering system to keep the oil clean. We also add "first Lube" to the oil which puts a coating on all moving parts for added protection during start-up.
After the engine is inspected it is stretch wrapped (to protect it from dust) before leaving the clean room for the warehouse.

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