1981 and Up 17 Digit Serial Number (sample) 1AMCK35 0 3JB001001
8th Digit Engine Code
Prior to 1981 11 or 13 Digit Serial Number (sample) AOA6 5 7B001001
5th Digit Engine Code

Serial Number Location:
1. On top of dash panel at left “A” Pillar.
2. Rear edge of left front door


In almost all cases the “VIN” of Import Vehicles does not contain any information about the engine used in that vehicle. Import engines are identified by the manufactures designation.This varies to some degree by manufacture. The engine designation is the best way for us to help you get the correct replacement.
Below are several samples of engine designations used by Import manufactures. This is not a complete list of all designations, yours may be different.

Honda: D16Z6; B16A3; ES2; F22A; 6VD1
4G15; G15B; 6G72
Infiniti: SR20DE; VG30E; VH45DE
Isuzu: G13A; F22B6; G180
Lexus: 2VZFE; 2JSGE; 1USFE
Mazda: Z5; B6; BP; FE; F2
Mitsubishi: 4G15; G15B; 6G72
Nissan: E16; CA18ET; KA24E; VG30E
Subaru: EF12; EJ18E; EJ25D
Suzuki: G13BA; G16K; J20
Toyota: 3AC; 7AFE; 3SGTE; 22RETC; 3VZFE

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