Webmaster World Biased Towards Google

I’ve been a member of Webmaster World for many years and have made a lot of posts over the years. In the beginning most of my posts towards Google were all very positive since back then they really were a “Do No Evil Company”.

But let’s face it; every since Google has gone public, that do no evil thing has went out the door. Google has decimated entire industries and with their uber arrogance have become to think that they are the Internet.

As a result, my postings on WW took on a more negative tone towards Google and what I found is that the Google forum moderators want no part of the negative posts. They only want peachy rosy post saying how wonderful Google is. My posts were intended for those poor misinformed souls that think playing by Google’s rules will get you great results and that all they have to do is wait it out and things will get better.

So, if you’re ever reading the Google forum over there, just be aware that it is very pro Google and negative posts that tell it like it is are removed.