Using WordPress as Your Sites CMS System

When WordPress first came out in 2003, it was an  interesting blogging platform that nobody paid attention to at first. As time wore on, more and more users specifically developers starting using the platform and creating new code for it through the Open Source program. Because of this, WordPress has become one of the most widely used CMS platforms across the web.

It is no longer just a blogging platform. With all the plug-ins that are available, you can now run a full feature rich ecommerce site with it if you so desire.

Once the site is setup, a WordPress CMS system allows the sites user to fully control the content on the website. They no longer have to call their designer and have them make changes. They simply login in and edit the page themselves using an interface that is very similar to MS Word.

When building sites for customers, we determine up front if they are going to utilize a site where they are always making changes, blogging, tweeting, etc. or if they are going to just use the site as a static brochure. If they are going to use Facebook or Twitter on a regular basis, you can use WordPress as your blog, then have it post your latest postings to Facebook and Twitter so you no longer have to post in 3 separate places. That is just one of the many great features of WordPress.

For designs, you can use templates or have it completely custom designed to fit your needs.

We highly recommend WordPress as a CMS system for your website.