Using Flash In Web Design

Every since Flash first came out, designers have been creating some really great looking websites. Today, most of the online gaming sites use Flash since you can make some really great interactive games with it.

The problem with using Flash for a website starts when you create the entire website in Flash. Even though search engine spiders can now read Flash links, for the most part unless your site is a very well known and linked to from other sites, the chances of showing up for competitive searches is pretty slim not to mention it won’t show up on most mobile phone platforms unless you have an alternate version designed for mobile.

For this reason, we like to use Flash on websites as eye candy much like we have done for the menu on our site.  You can use Flash to really make a page stand out but also use normal HTML and stylesheets  to make it more search engine friendly.

As hard as it is to believe, a lot of web users still do not have a broadband connection, using an all Flash site can make the site unusable to them.  Instead using smaller Flash files as eye candy that load quicker will make sure your site is accessible to all.

Whether you use Flash or not, we always suggest creating a mobile version of your site to accommodate the ever growing number of people who now surf the web with their mobile phones. W e don’t use any Flash in the Mobile version since it’s unstable and will not show well for Flash enabled phones. This assures that your site will be viewable by any user using any device.

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