The pitfalls of a do it yourself website.

With the advent of the do it yourself website tools like Wix and Weebly, many business owners have the ability to now create their own site without working with a design house.
In some cases, that might be all that business ever needs however the problems start when those businesses decide they need to add a feature that those services don’t provide or they want to change the look outside of the template versions provided. They quickly realize just how difficult those platforms can be to work with.
Lately, I’ve seen problems arise when a company that has used one of those services wants to move away from it and host with a different company. They don’t understand why you can’t just simply take the files with you and load them elsewhere without manipulating the code somewhat.
We believe a business owner should be spending their time working on their business and not messing around with trying to create a website. Once we have developed a client a great professional site on the WordPress platform, they can then go about blogging, adding items, etc. and doing the things that won’t tie up their time trying to figure out how to accomplish it. With WordPress, you can move it to any host you want to with simple migration plug-ins that make it a couple click process.
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