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Search Engine Optimization Myths

Sunday, September 19th, 2010

Have you ever received a phone call out of the blue or an unsolicited email telling you that they can get you to the #1 spot on Google in no time flat?

Let’s dispel a few myths about SEO that seems to make the round amongst unsuspecting business owners.

First, if all the people talk about are Google and Pagerank, then you know they have absolutely no clue as to what they are doing. Yes, there was a time many years ago where page rank was a determining factor but those days are over. In fact, page rank is only one of over 200 factors that Google looks at when ranking pages and Bing does not use page rank. Bing you say? Yes, now powers the Yahoo search listings and together they own 30% of the share of all searches done in the US and according to comscore, they are growing every month while Google share is declining.

We’ve found that there are a certain segment of shoppers who prefer to shop on Yahoo over Google and if you’re placing well in Bing, then you’re going to show in the same spots on Yahoo so your traffic potential  expands greatly.

With Google making missteps over the last few years and more recently with their Google Instant, they are losing users every day. Google instant was not about saving the world time as they so like to put it, it was really about showing people more ads. Before Instant, you would be exposed to 8 to 10 ads per search term, now you can see up to 40 or more adds depending on the term your typing not to mention how does stopping to look at the results after every letter you type save you time? Since going public, Google has really lost their way and over the next few years they are going to keep losing market share as people turn away from them.

It’s still important to rank for Google but it also important to rank for Bing which in turn will rank you for Yahoo.

So the next time you get a phone call telling you about how great they rank in Google and what their PR is, just ask them how well do they rank in Bing and what does that fancy PR do for Bing? See what they say to that!