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Internet Explorer 9 Beta Released

Friday, September 24th, 2010

Internet Explorer 9

Microsoft has released their latest browser to beta for people to download and try out. If you do, be warned that it will overwrite your current IE browser and since it is a beta release, you might want to hold off doing that.

You can see all the new features for it here:

We went ahead and installed it to check it out and it is impressive to say the least. It has a much quicker response time and once you get used to the layout; it seems more intuitive to use.

It also takes advantage of the many great design elements that are in HTML 5 which allows you do some really cool stuff with your site design that before would require something like Flash or an embedded object.  Some of the samples on their download page of what it can do are pretty amazing.

So far, there have been a few little bugs that we have found but that it to be expected since it is a beta release and why you should wait to download it until it comes out of beta.