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Why I use Bing instead of Google to Search

Saturday, January 8th, 2011

Back when Google first started, I was a huge supporter. I bought their t-shirt, a hat and even a Google license plate frame.

Google was the future and at that time their search engine was producing the best results around.

Unfortunately, as with many companies who go public, their focus went from providing the best search experience to making as much money as possible buy getting into 100s of different areas. The phrase Jack of all trades and master of none come to mind.

Then something strange happened, the company everybody loved to hate (MSN) actually started to produce a search engine that gave good results and if you use their Adcenter you could even call and talk to a live person. It seems that MSN has learned from their mistakes and actually makes it easy to do business with them and communicate unlike Google who likes to let the robots do all their talking.

Google has the worst customer service on the planet and they really don’t care about you as a business not to mention the things I used to search for on Google were no longer showing good results and instead Bing was showing the stuff I was looking for.

So, I switched to and now use them for my searches and even if Google suddenly changed back to the way they were, it’s too late because they have shown their true colors and I didn’t like what I saw.