Over Priced Web Designers

Over Priced Web Designers are giving the web design industry a bad name.


Recently, a potential customer called and asked for pricing on a very simple 2 page web site setup up in WordPress. I’m a firm believer of quoting sites based on a fair rate and not trying to make my whole year with one quote. Giving fair quotes has kept me pretty busy over the years. This potential client told me she had just called another design house here in Gilbert and was quoted $10,000 for a two page website.


My quote was much less than a quarter of that because after doing this now for 19 years, I’m extremely good at what I do and I can create full custom WordPress sites in a short period of time. I like to develop relationships that last by giving a fair price with outstanding service. The result is customers remain loyal and will refer other business to me. I’m all for making a living but when a Web Designer quotes a 2 page website at 10K, that is just highway robbery and making the industry look bad.


Those looking to create a website and want a custom site done need to call around and get several or more quotes. Look at the company’s website as well as their clients sites and make sure the sites are professional and not just a cookie cutter theme off the shelf or a site that was farmed out to an offshore company as so many are these days.


Having built over 500 custom WordPress sites to date, I can tell you a two page WordPress site under any circumstance would never be worth $10,000.


Do your research and make sure you get a fair quote.


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