New Social Media Intern

Let’s face it, we have been so busy building websites and working with clients to position their sites and also get their social media presence noticed, we’ve not paid much attention to your own social media. I guess being to busy is a good position to be in, however it’s no excuse to not keep our presence up to date.


We’ve brought on a new member to our team that is very knowledgeable in social media and will be helping us keep ours up to date by posting informative articles about social media.


Effy Phillips is close to obtaining her Associates Degree in communications and will be focusing on Social Media as her career path so this is a good opportunity for her to join the business world and learn along the way.


Effy’s own social media account has already been noticed by some famous people such as Taylor Swift who has liked and re-blogged her Tumblr posts.


Keep a watch for our upcoming blog postings from Effy.