Is Optimization Dead?

With the latest Google Panda/Farmer update, a lot of so called SEO experts are saying that optimization is dead.

It’s actually quite funny. I’ve been hearing the same thing since the first Google dance I sat and watched back in 2003.

In the world of the Internet, there is only one thing that is certain and that is that things are constantly changing and if you want to survive you have to keep up with the changes.

I’ll read about how some optimizers think it’s forbidden to create a bunch of sites and test new methods of optimizing. How silly is that, would they rather test their methods on a clients site?

I build my own sites regularly and have over a 100 of them where I can test the waters for new techniques to help ranking. I’ve deliberately pushed some of my sites into a penalty just to see what triggers it. This is how a good optimizer succeeds. Unfortunately a lot of the optimizers  fresh out of school have been taught things that are no longer relevant and they are unable to think out of the box to come up with new ways of pushing your rankings up.

As far as optimization being dead, that is just plain silly. The only thing that has changed are the methods of how to rank and even some of the old tried and true methods still work. For example,  build a great site with good content and you can’t go wrong.