Having fun with IRS call scammers

I know all about the IRS scam calls going around and have received many of them. While I was driving I got the call on my cell and because I had a ways to go to my destination decided to have some fun.
I returned the call and somebody who announced themselves as IRS agent number 123 came on with a pretty heavy Indian accent. Before he could say anything, I yelled “Why is the IRS calling me again, I paid the 50k I owed them already”. That set up him good because I could hear his wheels turning over the phone. He was thinking that he had another soon to be victim on the line. I’m sure he was thinking about how much he was going to get me for.
After he tried unsuccessfully for 5 minutes to get my information while I pretended he kept getting cutting off and I was giving him bogus info, finally I just flat out said “Did your mother drop you as a baby?” He of course replied, what?  I then responded well something is wrong with you since you call people all day and try to steal their money. I then called him a few other things and hung up.
I guess I got under his skin because he called me back and told me to F off. So, I kept calling his number and laughing at him and calling him dumbass and he’d keep yelling and hanging up.
It felt good that for 20 minutes or so I kept him occupied he wasn’t ripping somebody off. I was laughing the whole time and it made the drive go by pretty quick. I know I ruined his day and couldn’t have been happier.